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RoRo “Car Carrier”

AIS provides “Roll On Roll Of” or RoRo Shipping services with the best car carriers.

We guarantee departing your Car / Vehicles on the first available vessel with the best rates and quality services.

We insuring to Save your by moving your cars / vehicles  to the closest RoRo port as soon as possible avoiding the auctions storage fees.

* From USA East Coast and Gulf ports to Worldwide destinations “Middle east, Africa, Europe and Mediterranean”.We are shipping :

– Automobiles 
– Boats
– Trucks 
– Motor-homes
– Mobile-homes
– Trailers
– Loaders
– Excavators 
– Tractors
– All kinds of Construction and agriculture equipment

Carefully we clear your titles and paperwork from the U.S. customs, and sending you the titles with the needed documents in proper time before your cars / vehicles arrival to destination port.

* Just Buy your car/vehicles/cargo  and let’s take car of everything else.

Best Regards,

AIS RoRo Team