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American International Shipping LLC, is a global, full service shipping and logistics company specializing in personal, commercial, and vehicle shipment around the world. We pride ourselves on safe shipping of your cargo and clear communication with our clients.

AIS is a specialized group of professionals with experience in full container shipping, lift van service, documentation, customs handling, safe storage, packing, and trucking. Despite our “over and above” attitude toward safe and proper packing and transport we maintain very competitive pricing.

AIS was founded after more than 16 years of experience in the cargo and freight shipping industry for major carriers.  With vast knowledge of the step-by-step process of shipping by ocean AIS brings a skillful efficiency in handling your shipping needs.

All of our facilities provide Professional Container Loading Services

  •  Houston, Texas
  •  Newark, New Jersey
  •  Savannah, Georgia
  •  Los Angeles, California

Our professionals will load your cargo with the Best Loading methods & materials. We will always go the extra mile in providing safe shipping while still maintaining competitive prices.

A – Automobile Loading….
B – Cutting and loading cars as auto parts.
C – Boats, Trailers, Heavy construction equipment.
D – General cargo.